GEAR OTAKU Winter Sale 2023


10% off for all orders

December 20th, 2023 - March 15th, 2024.


Dear amazing Otaku customers,


First of all, we are really thankful for your interest in Gear Otaku and our products.

We honestly thank our dearest customers who believe in us and didn't hesitate to show your love and support to GearOtaku.


Recently, many of our customers have contacted Gear Otaku and asked if we had launched other shops because they have seen many items that look exactly the same as GearOtaku’s. However, they weren't advertised by Gear Otaku which makes GearOtaku’s customers confused.


We did some research and now we want to share with you a little bit of what we found out about this situation.

All of our products are designed by Gear Otaku’s creative, industrious, enthusiastic, real Otaku Designers, Artists. Every single product is a result of hours of hard work.


Sadly, we found out that there are bad people who are using tools, automatic machines to clone product photos from us and many other respectful legit stores out there.

These online thieves then put the images on their own website and sell products with lower prices, bad quality. Severely, some of these online thieves are also scammers, they never ship the orders.


We don’t want any of our valuable customers to get into these problems with the cloners, scammers out there so that we want to give you some tips to corroborate that you are purchasing from the real Gear Otaku Store.


First, please make sure that you enter the right domain. We are only selling on


Secondly, our product photos are watermarked with Gear Otaku logos. The cloners use machines to get the images so that they cannot remove the watermarks. If the watermarks are not matched with the website logo, domain please do not make any purchase.

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Best regards!