Best Horror Anime - Top 10 Scariest Anime Of All Time

Are you fond of watching Japanese horror movies? Our list of the best horror anime may suit your preference. This list will provide the top 10 scariest and most unforgettable anime. You will find yourself immersed in the movie’s plot twists, characters, and hidden meanings behind each story.

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list of the best horror anime

Now, let’s discover the best and most legendary horror anime!

10 Best Horror Anime

1. Another (2012)

If you’re new to Japanese horror, Another is a fantastic introduction, which chronicles a sequence of strange, horrible killings involving a mystery group of students. The movie is about one curious student who is entrusted with determining why his classmates keep dying constantly. (1)

Another (2012)

Only a girl wearing an eyepatch knows what's happening to these students. She has a special ability that allows her to communicate to the supernatural realm to unravel these mysterious missings. This terrifying story is a thrilling supernatural adventure where you’ll dive into the plot twist to find the truth.

2. Boogiepop Phantom (2000)

Boogiepop Phantom is an anthology series tied together by a common thread: In an unnamed Japanese city, an urban legend named Boogiepop is personified as Death. After a succession of ritualistic murders, people blamed all these disgusting crimes on Boogiepop. (2)

Boogiepop Phantom (2000)

Is Boogiepop a bad guy or a genuine person? The truth is hard to simply reveal what’s good and bad. This strange urban fantasy is loaded with terrors and missing pieces that can keep you awake and make you think of it all night to figure it out.

3. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (2013)

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is a glimpse at the life of pupils at Kisaragi Academy, formerly Heavenly Host Elementary, where both children and teachers were brutally murdered. Students spend their last moments with a classmate who will move to a new school soon. (3)

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

They always want to be together, so they decide to undertake an odd ceremony to make it happen. After performing the ritual, all students awaken in a bizarre place: the same academy where they and their instructors were killed long ago.

4. Elfen Lied (2004)

Elfen Lied is a tragic and disturbing film that discovers a sequence of events by following Diclonius, a mutant human born with telekinetic abilities and horns, through various experiments. Lucy, the show's lead, has a split personality, which means she may use phantom hands to massacre everyone nearby. (4)

Elfen Lied

Besides killing, she can win hearts as her alter ego, the charming and innocent Nyu. This brutal adventure is not for those with a faint heart because this heartbreaking story will make you distressed until the end.

5. Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Lain Iwakura, a protagonist, is a shy and kind middle schooler who enjoys spending time on Wired's futuristic online platform. However, one day, a dead friend sends an email to her classmates, saying that she is alive in the Wired and successfully discovered "God" there.  

Then, Lain’s life becomes sophisticated after she gets involved in these odd incidents. Lain jumps right in, determined to solve this cyberpunk-tinged mystery, uncovering intrigue inside the Wired. (5)

Serial Experiments Lain

The terror lies in the psychological brain bash throughout the 12-episode series, which discloses a dark realm and raises concerns about reality, technology, and human consciousness.

Like several shows at that time, Serial Experiments Lain has a late-'90s classic sonority.

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6. Gantz (2004)

After Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are killed in a railway accident, they become entangled in a weird game occupied by other departed people. They are equipped with innovative firearms and other weapons, and their mission is to fight and destroy aliens by following Gantz - a giant black sphere. (6)


The final target that all of them need to achieve is to get 100 points by obeying Gantz's regulations. If they succeed, they might have a chance to return to their lives.

Gantz is one of the goriest and scariest anime series with many horrific sequences. However, it is considered a must-watch movie for people interested in this genre.

7. Devilman Crybaby (2018)

Akira Fudo is a "crybaby" who is often an ideal target for bullies because of his kind-hearted manner. His closest friend Ryo Asuka helps him break out from this personality but in a sick way. Ryo knows and can prove that demons exist, which is also his biggest secret.

Devilman Crybaby

He summons demons from humans with his strange power, putting Akira in the middle of all events. Therefore, Akira transforms into a "Devilman" who can wield enormous strength in a demonic shape and maintain his human essence. Ryo's acts were far from selfless since he intends to dominate the world using Akira as his useful instrument.

How does Devilman Crybaby take place? Your mind will be twisted by a haunting gory dance of sex, violence, bloodshed, and psychedelic images.

8. Junji Ito Collection (2018)

Junji Ito is a masterpiece of Japanese horror, the greatest and most successful manga developed by the legendary author. The story takes place in a cursed village where everyone has to wear a mask. In this place,  a gnarled older woman tries unsuccessfully every night to enter a young man's bedroom. (7)

Junji Ito Collection

Start watching to see what will happen next with the woman and the young man. This collection is a good starting point when it comes to Japanese horror.

9. Mushi-shi (2005-2006)

What happens in the haven of invisible organisms to the naked eye? Mushi-shi dives into a secret realm teeming with ominous entities blamed for murder, suffering, and destruction.


Ginko, a wanderer, is afflicted with the ability to see "mushi," which are invisible and small spirits. These spirits can communicate with humans worldwide in extremely terrible ways. They’re the evils that take over the eyes of a little girl, drive people to their deaths in a secluded mountain, and even try to drown humans if they get too close.

Evicting Mushi is a terrifying and often heartbreaking task, but it must be done. Perhaps, Ginko is the one responsible for fighting to bring people’s normal lives back.

10. The Flowers Of Evil (2019)

Takao Kasuga, a typical high school student, enjoys spending time with his friend Nanako Saeki. However, he still feels expelled by his classmates. Until he meets the mysterious Sawa Nakamura, Saeki seems to be the only bright spot in his boring life.

The Flowers Of Evil

His experiences with Nakamura leave him both terrified and thrilled, especially after Nakamura sees him stealing Saeki's clothes. Kasuga is forced to sign a “contract” in which he must do whatever she says, leading to a profoundly personal and horrifying investigation of Kasuga as her own delusion.


Have you found your best horror anime of all time? Is this list helpful and brings the fullest information you need? Hopefully, you’ll have a great time watching Japanese horror movies from our top 10 list. Follow us to receive the latest articles about anime!


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