Gifts For Anime Lovers: 30 Best Choices Of All Time

Is the gift sent to an Otaku on every anniversary different from the one received by normal people? Absolutely yes. If you have no experience in choosing the right gifts for anime lovers, this writing may help you come up with the best anime merch.

There are recommendations including both luxury items and the typical ones that you can easily find in a shop like Gearotaku. Furthermore, the products are also attached with relevant receivers and celebrations.

Top 30 Amazing Gifts For Anime Lovers

Anniversary Gifts

1. My Hero Academia Shoes

The first name in this all-rounded list is the pair of My Hero Academia shoes for the fans of this film from Gearotaku.

These shoes are made from high-quality canvas upper, which has beloved anime characters' graphics printed on it. The vivid graphics and color combination also oozes coolness and fashion, which can please even the pickiest otaku.

Moreover, there are luxurious rubber soles that improve the traction, durability, and lightweight of the shoes, showing your thoughtfulness to your beloved one.

MHA Deku Shoes Custom Izuku Midoriya Anime My Hero Academia Shoes

Source: Gearotaku

2. Totoro Fleece Blanket

As an anime enthusiast, who doesn't know about the cute giant Totoro from Ghibli? Most of the Otaku enjoy their bedtime watching their favorite anime. Thus, this Totoro Fleece Blanket, a blanket with a design inspired by Japanese animation, will make your significant other remember you a lot.

You should go for the one made from flannel fabric for lightweight, softness, and great durability. Furthermore, the thickness of this item should be relevant to diversified seasons.

Anime Blanket Japan Cartoon Flannel Blankets Soft Plush Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch Sofa Bedding Living Room for Adult Kids

Source: Aliexpress

3. Cartoon-Themed Luxe Bags

The Cartoon-Themed Luxe Bags with the Doraemon capsule were introduced in Gucci's Cruise 2021 collection unveiling. This capsule possesses more than 50 items, with multiple accessories offered.

Besides the bags, there are shorts, jackets, coats, and track pants to complete the collection. Thus, this Gucci bag is a relevant choice of luxury anniversary gifts for anime lovers.

Gucci Doraemon Print Casual Drawstring Bag

Source: Shopee

4. Naruto - Sasuke Home Decor Posters

This year, let’s celebrate your anniversary by jazzing up your cozy home with a poster from a well-known series - Naruto. The two posters with Naruto and Sasuke images will delight any fans of this franchise.

Specifically, these products have an elegant and vibrant color theme, relevant for people of all ages and easy to match the color in your house.

Classic Cartoon Anime Canvas Painting Naruto and Sasuke Poster Wall Art Print Murals

Source: Aliexpress

Anime Expo Gifts

5. Demon Slayer Bamboo Chopsticks Set, Anime Bamboo Chopstick Set

Diversified and tasty cuisine is an irreplaceable element in Japanese animation. Thus, the Demon Slayer Chopsticks Set is an ideal present for Otaku that want to experience anime culture in real life.

What can be better than bringing a gift with a touch of tradition to the Anime Expo festival?

The natural material of this item guarantees impressive longevity, sustainability, and vivid color. Besides, the function of anti-skid provides enhanced control for beginners.

LVMMO Demon Slayer Chopsticks Set WITH A KEYCHAIN Reusable Japanese Anime Bamboo Chopstick Sets

Source: Amazon

6. Top 100 Anime Scratch-Off Poster

If you are looking for an anime present that is unique and impressive, you can consider the 100 Anime Scratch-Off Poster. There are 100 characters from Japanese animation and comics provided with a high-quality poster made from luxury art papers.

Furthermore, its thickness is ideal enough to eliminate folds and wrinkles. The poster's dimensions are 16.5″ x 23.4″, which is relevant for hanging in any place.

100 Anime Bucket List Movies

Source: Amazon

7. Demon Slayer Watch

There is not much left to say how Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer is favored among the anime fan community. So why not give your friend a super cool Demon Slayer watch at this Anime Expo?

There are a slew of designs for you to choose from; thus, you can buy watches for all of your fella to enjoy the festival together.

New Anime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Wristwatch For Women Watch Watches Quartz Wristwatch Female Clock Brithday Gifts

Source: Aliexpress

8. Pokemon-Themed Bracelet

If you want a more mature and minimal version of an anime-themed watch, the collection of Pokémon bracelets is a good option to arm yourself and your buddies at the festival. There are four styles offered with different charms and words.

With the signature design that is easily recognized by anime lovers, these bracelets are also suitable to wear on a daily basis.

Bracelet set from Pokémon with red, black and gold tone Pikachu & Poké Ball designs

Source: Amazon

Mother’s Day Gifts

9. Makeup Brushes Set - Attack On Titan

Besides typical Anime Merch for female anime fans, the set of makeup brushes that is inspired by Attack on Titan is one of the first choices for mother's day gifts. Women do the makeup every day, including your mother.

Attack on Titan is a famous Japanese anime series whose storyline tells about the life of people living in a city. There are giant walls surrounding their accommodation to protect the citizens from Titans.

The makeup brushes in this set are made from synthetic fiber, which is soft and grasps the powder impressively. Meanwhile, their handles are made from high-quality alloy.

Thus, they are lightweight and durable, along with a unique design. There are five sizes of brush and an amazing velour pouch in this set.

 Japan Anime Attack on Titan Makeup Brushes Set Professional Cosmetic Powder Eye Shadow Eyebrow Beauty Make Up

Source: Aliexpress

10. LEVLO Anime Makeup Bag

The anime-themed cosmetic bag from LEVLO is an option of anime gifts for moms with printed words focused on a girl that is a fan of anime. This bag is made from luxury cotton canvas, ensuring wear resistance and longevity.

With a width of 17 cm and a length of 23 cm, the LEVLO bag is multi-function. It can function as a pencil case, a cosmetic purse, a clutch bag, or a toiletry bag.

LEVLO Anime Fans Make up Bag Anime Lover Gift Just A Girl

Source: Amazon

11. PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets

The PopSockets pop grip with the printed slogan or characters’ pictures is a practical present that you can go for. It is an ideal and unique item for moms who enjoy reading manga and watching anime. Now, she can binge watch for hours on end without experiencing hand fatigue.

This expandable item has a swappable top with advanced adhesive. Thus, your mom can either remove or reposition the grip to adapt to different cases and devices.

Anime Girl Japanese Aesthetic anime Otaku Gift PopSockets PopGrip

Source: Amazon

Father’s Day Gifts

12. Totoro-Inspired Night Light

Does your dad usually watch My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki with you? The Totoro night light would be one of the best gifts for him.

Whenever he goes to bed and turns on this light, we bet he will smile thinking of you and have a tight sleep.

The design is both cute and vintage, so the light can blend well in the decor of your dad’s room.

GYH Cute My Neighbor Totoro Night Lights for Kids Animal Lights LED Lamps

Source: Amazon

13. Cowboy Bebop Alcohols

Surprisingly, you can even get an awesome pick of father's day gifts with anime themes: Anime-Inspired Alcohols. Particularly, the six newly released blended whiskeys of Akihabara Premium were inspired by the Cowboy Bebop's main characters.

This is a sci-fi anime produced in 1998 following a team of bounty hunters from 2071. There are traditional glassblowers making rocks glasses included in this wine set.

Cowboy Bob P Original Blinded Wiskey

Source: Akihabara Premium

14. One Punch Man Backpack

Besides normal backpacks with the custom of famous characters, you can find ones with anime patterns like this one. The One Punch Man hiking backpack from Gearotaku has illustrated the powerful punch of this main character in a black theme, suited for your father.

If your dad is an adventurous person interested in hiking, camping, or any outdoor activities, this backpack with a large capacity is an ideal product to invest in.

Saitama Backpack Custom Anime OPM Bag

Source: Gearotaku

Children’s Day Gifts

15. Edward Elric PVC Figure

Anime figures are the all-time favorite present of fans. Thus, you can realize how happy kids are when they unbox a perfect gift having an anime figure inside, like this Edward Elric PVC figure.

This is a full metal alchemist, which is made from luxurious materials and high-leveled detailing. This is ideal for the first position in anime lovers' FMA collection.

Meanwhile, if your children are anime collectors and have already got one or some figures, this one illustrating Edward Elric would make his/her collection more stunning.

Megahouse G.E.M. Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric PVC Figure

Source: Amazon

16. Naruto Coasters

Merching is one of the most valued items from the Naruto manga, like the Naruto coaster set with six tin items providing amazing visual and innovative protection for your table and desk to reduce the chances of getting scratched.

These products have inspiration from different Naruto characters, which will make your kids enjoy their milk more than ever.

Jumant Anime Coasters Set of 6

Source: Amazon

17. Sailor Moon Cat Figures

Have you got any ideas for the children's day gifts? If not yet, give the Sailor Moon cat figures a try.

Included in the "MEGA CAT PROJECT" run by MegaHouse, the collection of vinyl figurines provides a wide range of Sailor Moon and other feature characters in cat form. If your little one is crazy about Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, or Sailor Mars, this collection is worth your investment.

The height of each figure is around 30 millimeters. Want a bigger version? You can wait until the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series is released in July 2022.

Sailor Moon Mega Cat Project Sailor Mewn Box of 8 Figures

Source: BigBadToyStore

Halloween Gifts

18. Anime Monster Cookies

Do not forget the monster cookies as Halloween gifts this year if you are a fan of Japanese animation. They are the products of the new collaboration between Oreo and Pokémon.

This "cookie rarity scheme" has diversified, inspired by all the characters in this film. The customers will then collect all the 16 different packs with different producing numbers. Thus, some of them are challenging to find.

Oreo Pokémon Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Source: eBay

19. POYWALE The Promised Neverland Gift Set

Good news forOtaku: this gift set of The Promised Neverland is designed for the fans of stickers and music. This music box, which is 50 pcs waterproof, can be functioned manually with no sticker repeated.

The item is based on the anime The Promised Neverland's main theme song. You can control the rhythm by shaking the crank at different speeds.

POYWALE Anime Gift Set- Wooden Hand Shaking Anime Music Box Isabella's Lullaby and Waterproof No Repeating Anime Stickers 50pcs

Source: Amazon

20. Eat Sleep Anime Repeat T-Shirt

The T-shirt with printed words "Eat- Sleep - Anime - Repeat" in both languages: English and Japanese is a typical item for anime lovers to dress up this Halloween. Try it on to show off your passion for anime!

The material of this anime T-shirt is cotton and polyester, which is comfortable to put on every day. There are ten colors in total, with a simple but impressive design available for this product.

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat Japanese Manga Lover Cosplay T-Shirt

Source: Amazon

Christmas Gifts

21. Kakashi Body Pillow Gifts

Preparing a Kakashi body pillow from Gearotaku with the photos of their favorite anime character printed as a present may bring a lot of joy to the receivers. Let’s send your friend a little coziness from masculine Kakashi in this chilly season.

This hand-sewn product has the material of spun-polyester fabrics, which offers great durability.

Kakashi Body Pillow Dakimakura Cover Custom NRT

Source: Gearotaku

22. Levi Ackerman PVC Figure

Have you got any ideas for Christmas gifts? If the answer is no, the figure of Levi Ackerman PVC will never let you down. With great detailing, this figure appears extremely lively than any others.

Besides, it is the signature look of Levi with great appeal. You can imagine how it makes anime lovers go crazy when unboxing this present.

That Levi Ackerman is one of the top-ranking characters voted by the community even makes it more valuable.

18CM GK Anime Attack on Titan damaged cpatain Levi Ackerman PVC Action Figure Collectible Model Toy


23. Anime Bag Gift Set Including Drawstring Bag Backpack

If you are wondering which makes Otakus impressed, one of the top answers would be a drawstring bag with a great deal of merchandise of their beloved animation inside.

The bag is designed based on the favorite characters from Demon Slayer. Its material is luxury oxford cloth with great durability and capacity offered.
Besides, this bag is full of masks, anime stickers, anime keychains, Lomo cards, button pins, and bracelets for the receiver to explore.

Anime Bag Gift Set Including Drawstring Bag Backpack,Stickers,Lanyard,Face


24. Anime Novelty Socks

Another ideal gift for fans of Japanese animation, especially your lover, at Christmas is novelty socks. With the combination of elastane, polyester, and cotton, this pair of anime-themed socks is soft, comfortable, and breathable for the users.

The recommended sizes range from four to 13, with the line "Just a girl who loves anime" as an embroidered design.

LEVLO 2 Pairs Anime Novelty Socks Anime Lover Gift Just A Girl


Personalized Anime Gifts

25. Hunter x Hunter Anime Poster

The poster of Hunter x Hunter Anime will be an extremely thrilling present for the fans of this series. It still has a sustainable position in the heart of the viewers, although the end was out a long time ago.

There is no official announcement about the comeback of this series, but the Hunter x Hunter poster is still a valuable gift for anime fans.

HUNTER X HUNTER poster anime painting wall art home decorative poster

Source: Shopee

26. Rurouni Kenshin Himura 3D Lamp

The 3D Lamp with the design simulating Rurouni Kenshin Himura is an ideal option for anime lovers to put in their room. With the combination of technology and art, this led light has a stunning appearance.

Its dimensions are 9" x 6" x 3" with the default color and other seven color gradients, which are all controlled by a smart touch. This figure LED light is empowered by a USB port eliminating adapter. Thus, there will be no overheating issue, and safe contact is promoted instead.

3d Lamp Anime Rurouni Kenshin Himura Figure Led Light for Bedroom Decor

Source: AliExpress

27. Anime Manga Wall Collage Kit

When it comes to gift ideas related to anime with a decorating function, an ideal answer is the wall collage kit of manga. Let the amazing designs in this set transfer the dull walls to a stunning combination of anime things.

This is a simple but helpful gift for anime lovers. The pieces in the kit will make their space cooler and more inspiring.

50Pcs Aesthetic Wall Collage Print Colorful Anime Manga Panel Wall Collage Kit for Boys Art Prints Living Room Bedroom Art Decor

Source: Aliexpress

28. Ultimate Anime Characters Wall Art

If the manga wall collage kit above is not enough for you, consider the wall art of ultimate characters.

There are pictures of anime legends such as Son Goku and Luffy with awesome designs. Your wall will be definitely eye-catching and even make other otaku friends keep talking about it and admire you.

If you find your bland walls so boring, it's time to buy a set of these silhouettes of badass characters at specialized shops like Gearanime.

All Anime Characters – Anime Canvas Art Wall Decor

Source: Bright & Roomy

29. Minato Namikaze Naruto T-Shirt

If you are a fan of Naruto anime with a great concern about fashion, this Minato Namikaze T-Shirt is among the must-have items. Who love Naruto probably admire his brilliant dad - The Fourth Hokage.

Besides, this brand provides trousers, outerwear, shirts, and accessories, which deliver the fullest illustration of the Naruto universe.

Minato Namikaze Naruto T Shirt


30. Modern Abstract Japanese Anime Art Prints Set of 4

The set of 4 printed abstract Japanese anime art is portable but amazing enough to become a present. The postcards measure 8" x 10" and are made totally from high-quality posters.

These canvas pictures offer vivid images and are friendly to the environment. Each of them has a distinct anime character that can light up a corner in your room.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Canvas Prints Tomioka Giyuu Kochou Shinobu Poster 8 x 10 inches

Source: Amazon


Here is the most comprehensive and updated list of gifts for anime lovers that you have ever got. Thus, consider the information and details of those items and get the most suitable one for your receivers.

You can either go to the brand stores or visit specialized shops like Gearotaku to purchase a meaningful gift for your Otaku on their special day. The value of the present also depends on the effort and time you have put in.


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