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By on May 04, 2022

The 10 Best Anime of All Time

Who chooses which anime series is the best Anime of all time? Me? You? Maybe it's just a question of preference. When making a list like this, there are a lot of factors to consider.

The 10 Best Anime of All Time

For example, if quality should take precedence over fan favorites or whether the most influential anime series deserves a particular spot at the top.

Japanese animated entertainment (Anime) has piqued the curiosity of a rising number of people. Anime not only appears in the media, but it also impacts people's lives, as seen by the GearOtaku brand - where you can get yourself anime-inspired gear and get fully immersed in this animation world.

We have produced a list of the finest Anime of all time that each anime fan, especially newcomers to the medium, should watch.

Take a look at these anime suggestions that are ideal for you!

Best Anime Of All Time - 10 Candidates

10. Your Lie in April (1)

The sorrowful love story between the two main characters, Arima Kosei and Miyazono Kaori, may be the thing that moves us to tears. But the film does more for us.

Each person line in the picture and each minor tale between the characters, including the supporting cast, has its own significance.

Your Lie in April

Your Lie In April's lessons, such as how a person battles with and overcomes psychological disorders, the price we must pay to follow our ambitions, and parenting, are all conveyed to the audience delicately and heartbreakingly.
The thing that makes up the brand for Your Lie In April is undoubtedly the music.

They are well interwoven into the situations, ranging from classical chamber music to superb OSTs. And they are extremely well merged into the settings, making the already gorgeous moments full of emotion thanks to music.

9. Re: Zero (2)

Re: Zero begins simply enough but rapidly develops into a series built around time loops, character growth, and distinct antagonists. The quest isn't always linear, and time loops don't always reset in the same way.

Re: Zero

Subaru, the protagonist, is thrust into another realm, Isekai, where his adventures begin following a fortuitous meeting with Emilia, the heroine.

The male lead, an anime lover, tries to predict everything that happens in his environment based on his experience watching anime, which has a lot of comic overtones. But, things don't always go his way.

8. Detective Conan (3)

Shinichi Kudo, also known as Jimmy Kudo in the English version, is a high school detective. He is transformed into a kid while investigating a secret organization and solves several crimes while impersonating his childhood best friend's father and a few other characters.

Detective Conan

Detective Conan is one of the longest anime series, and it manages to keep the audience guessing throughout. Not to mention, it has a complex plot with intriguing and appealing characters that will keep you watching the show.

The series has a compelling story and a sleek visual design that adapts to the times, giving it a more modern look as time goes on.

7. Pokémon (4)

Pokémon is a popular Japanese animation and video game that debuted in Japan in 1997 under the title Pocket Monsters. This is widely considered to be one of the most popular anime series and the epitome of fun, adventure, action, and moral teachings all rolled into one.


Satoshi, a young child, traverses the globe with various, such as Pikachu, to become a Pokemon master.

Overall, this Japanese animation series is fun and wonderful; we look forward to a new episode every week. We would suggest it to anyone who has never seen Pokemon before.

6.  Dragon Ball Z (5)

The most well-known Dragon Ball Japanese animation series and the longest-running sequel to the original is Dragon Ball Z (abbreviated as DBZ).

It is no secret that Dragon Ball Z has given the anime community some of the most important concepts and cultural phenomena. This is the Anime that has aided in the popularization and acceptance of Japanese animation's art and epicenes.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z has developed a brand and cult following with admirers ranging from youngsters to individuals in their forties. 
To summarize, Dragon Ball Z has taught us everything about great character power changes and a wonderful love and friendship narrative.

5. Attack on Titan (6)

One of the reasons why fans of Attack on Titan are so enthralled with it is because it improves with each season.

While some may find the first season extremely simplistic, it clearly levels up with time. Season one also has a number of secrets that will keep you interested in continuing to watch.

Similarly, the series is full of intriguing individuals that serve to make it an emotional rollercoaster.

Attack on Titan

The soundtrack is unique and perfectly suits the concept of the play.
It's also nearly impossible to be a member of the anime community without running into something related to Attack on Titan. Even if you are new to anime, you've probably heard about the huge buzz around the film.

4. Naruto (7)

Naruto, a renowned anime series with a Ninja theme, is widely recognized as one of the finest anime series of all time and the best for newcomers.
This has to be one of the finest anime series ever; it has comedy, drama, and jaw-dropping action battle sequences.


Orochimaru is a distinctive character as well; when he first emerges in the story, you're not sure if he's a good or bad man, which adds to the fun. If we do not suggest this classic to you, we will not be nice people.

A majority of kids have grown up with this Manga, Anime series, and movies, according to GearOtaku. Many images on the brand's Anime Hoodie, Anime Shirts, or Anime Shoes products are also based on characters from the Naruto film.

3. Spirited Away (8)

Spirited Away is a movie that people of all ages may enjoy. Boys and girls can still be bold and clever enough to dream passionately as children.
The film has many things for adults to ponder about in terms of the good and evil in the human ego, things that are undeniably present in real life. Yubaba is a wicked witch, yet she adores her kid.

Spirited Away

Alternatively, there's Kamaji and Rin, who remind us of a family. We have grandfathers, grandmothers, dads, moms, siblings, and sisters who constantly chastise us, quietly encourage and assist us when facing challenges.

Spirited Away has a timeless value due to its strong humanitarian characteristics. That is also why, after the passage of over two decades, people want to see it repeatedly, even if they have already seen it twice or three times.

2. One Piece (9)

One Piece is a long-running animation series about Luffy and his quest to become the King of the Pirates. He assembles an ever-growing team to take on these tasks while simultaneously assisting them with their personal goals.

One Piece

It is one of the most popular and longest-running Japanese animation series ever created. One Piece is a staple of the anime industry, with over a thousand episodes under its belt.

Sure, Netflix now has a little over 200 of them accessible, but chances are they will have added more by the time you've finished watching them all, so do not worry.

The narrative is fascinating, the abilities and art are one-of-a-kind and spectacular, and it manages to keep the same enthusiasm and excitement as the first episodes. One Piece is a genuinely unique anime that you must see.

1. Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) (10)

Body swaps, time travel, natural disasters, and other fantasy themes are all seamlessly and adequately intertwined. The narrative starts out softly and pleasantly, but it becomes more dramatic as it progresses, with the emotions being driven to the conclusion.

Shinkai Makoto has created two distinct lands with great success. As if on a movie screen, the calm Itomori area and frenetic Tokyo come to life. 
The scene has been painstakingly crafted and is incredibly detailed.  When you compare the scenes in Your name to real-life photographs, you'll see that there's absolutely no difference.

Your Name

Almost the majority of the feelings in Your name are represented through visuals. The film's color palette is so stunning that it's devastating; it's also sorrowful and full of emotions when it's bright.

The sunset and comet views are precisely polished and eye-catching; rural vistas, urban settings, and festivals are authentically displayed, representing Japan's traditional cultural elements.

The film also serves as a reminder of Japan's devastating Tohoku tragedy in 2011.


This list of the best Anime of all time includes everything from old series to current fresh faces and the latest trends. We tried to be as impartial as possible to produce the ultimate rating, which will assist many fans in understanding the lineup of great works and choosing which one to watch next.

However, this top Anime's rank continues shifting due to the arrival of a finer one. As a result, the cosplay culture has become more broad and rich, and more and more wonderful characters can now be found on costumes like GearOtaku's designs.

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