The Best Isekai Anime In 2022 You Need to Your Favorite List

By on May 23, 2022

The Best Isekai Anime

The best isekai anime is the main content mentioned in this article. We've put together a list of the ten hottest stories right now.

The Best Isekai Anime

It should also be mentioned that the term "isekai" means "other world". The genre is also very diverse, from novels to video games. The other world here can be a virtual world, a universe, or another planet.

The Best Isekai Anime

Here are the most interesting anime about a strange world that we have researched through. And of course, you can also have many amazing Anime Merch on different sources like GearOtaku online store.

1. Log Horizon

Log Horizon began as another MMORPG-based anime but quickly distinguished itself with its hugely intelligent writing. As in other shows, when the main protagonists are moved into the Elder Tale, they begin developing the world that they have imagined. (1)

Log Horizon

This anime is well-paced and smart, making the most of action by not depending on this as one crutch throughout slower moments. No difficulties associated with establishing a new culture and guaranteeing a peaceful life are glossed over.

Even at a slow pace, Log Horizon is among the most insightful and intelligent Isekai. There are two seasons currently available, with a third one on the way.

2. Inuyasha

Rumiko Takahashi's works combine romance, action, suspense, fantasy, and horror to enthrall followers. She is the brains behind such manga classics as Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 12, which are both among the best in history.


One of her works is Inuyasha, an epic story of romance and action that has ensured a high standard of storytelling quality for more than a decade.

This anime describes what a wonderful isekai show should be while also setting the quality bar for the overall category. If you want to get into the universe of isekai, Inuyasha should be the starting point.

3. Overlord

Overlord is one prevalent and innovative isekai series released in recent days. This funny, epic, well-animated, and heartfelt series casts a discerning lens on several issues that otaku culture only skims over. (2)


It's intriguing to see a being with near-limitless strong beliefs and concern about things. Though not a completely new idea, being stuck within a closed game is a fascinating take on strangers in a peculiar land trope that many isekai employ.

If the episode maintains its existing level of quality, it will be only a matter of time before it is considered an iconic isekai anime. 

4. Re:Zero

While Subaru Natsuki walks out of the grocery store, the last issue he intends is to be ripped from his daily life and thrust into a fantasyland. Things don't look good again for the befuddled teen, who certain thugs threaten not long within a week of his arrival.


He is rapidly beaten up, armed only with a food bag and a now-ineffective cell phone. Luckily, a mysterious elegance called Satella, who is on the hunt for the people who took her insignia, comes across Subaru and saves him. 
Subaru offers to assist the truthful and warm-hearted girl in her search, and later that evening, he discovers the location of what she seeks.

5. Hamefura

Most people will prefer to be the main character of an adventure-filled world, whether in a match or another planet. But, sadly, one particular girl is not that fortunate. (3)


She recognizes she was reborn inside the planet of Fortune Lover, another of the tournaments she often used to play, after regaining memorable moments of her previous life.

Regrettably, the personality she was reborn into—Katarina Claes—is the show's main antagonist, facing certain death at each end. She tends to take this upon herself, using her comprehensive insight into the game, to break free from the bonds of a cursed fate.

6. KonoSuba

Kazuma Satou, a high school junior and recluse, finds himself having to sit before such a gorgeous but impolite goddess called Aqua after dying a risible and pitiful death on his manner away from getting a play. (4)


She gives the NEET 2 alternatives: keep going to paradise or resurrect in every user's fantasy land! Kazuma, who has chosen to make a fresh start, is rapidly tasked with having defeated a Demon King who's tormenting villages.

But even before he leaves, he gets to choose each item of every type to help him in the quest, and the prospective champion chooses Aqua. But Kazuma might have made a critical error—Aqua is useless!

7. Drifters

Don't you despise waking up in a Western greater world since leaving the Far Eastern-themed original planet behind?

Drifters provide action that is eerily similar to Hellsing, combining an alternate world, a complex previous life background story that rivals TenSura's memories, and truthfully hardcore combat strategies. (5)


Even the concept of extraordinary people facing off against an outstanding horde of other "monsters" feels perhaps too familiar. It may not be the ideal isekai series, but it certainly counts like one entrance on this specific top list. Do not forget to look at the GearOtaku web page to choose one suitable product for this anime.

8. Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms (Jni Kokki) is a Japanese fantasy novel series authored by Fuyumi Ono and demonstrated by famous artist - Akihiro Yamada.

This anime includes several titles on this ranking that would highlight an open substitute realm rather than a closed-off universe for the reborn. In addition, it has an anthology-like impression, despite the anime adjustment being made to concentrate more on the center protagonists.

Twelve Kingdoms

Youko's story's constantly changing, albeit saddening at times; advancement may appear far less interesting than the talent progression of many other OP isekai main characters. And you can tell she's grown stronger and much more mature as a consequence.

9. Dog Days

What about one isekai series with no stakes at all? By the situation, while remaining fairly action-heavy!

"Dog Days" is a Japanese anime television series created by Masaki Tsuzuki. Aniplex and Seven Arcs produced it under the direction of Keizo Kusakawa.
It's one of the few "sit down and relax" action shows, with a large range of characters with very cute and stunning designs, nice animations that tingle the sakuga nerve cells, and intriguing interrelations that make the world experience very alive.

Dog Days

There would be no edgy components or angsty inclinations. There will also be appropriate dramatic moments. Oh, but Dog Days would be perfect if you're a VA/seiyuu druggie.

10. Fushigi Yuugi

Regardless of how you define FushigiYuugi's basic setting, it still conveys a strong sense of its viewer's sophistication. Okay, perhaps not so much.
Even though the universe doesn't believe in surviving as other configurations in other isekai, the protagonists and their growth (particularly the crankier ones) make it more exciting to see how Miaka dealt with it all.

Fushigi Yuugi

One caveat: if you're not a fan of the "innocent but excellently enlightening" personality archetype, you might discover Miaka a little too idealistic.
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The list above is the Best Isekai Anime in 2022 that you can consider.
Isekai is currently one of the genres becoming a trend for Anime producers today. Almost every season, at least one Isekai series will appear with unique and interesting content.

Despite various attractive and appearing series, many people still do not understand what Isekai is. Hopefully, the above information can help readers understand the Isekai genre, which is very popular today.

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