Anime Kimono

Do you like Japanese fashion and culture? In particular, are you a crazy fan of the Anime world which is known for its interesting manga series? The anime world brings many interesting emotional experiences to readers thanks to meaningful and attractive Anime stories. Therefore, the style and culture of Japan also somewhat influenced the fans. These costumes that appear in the Anime series have become a source of design inspiration for most stylish. If you are a fan of Anime then surely Anime Merch products will be the items that you are always looking for. GearOtaku offers a variety of items designed based on the image, personality, and style of characters appearing in popular Anime series. Therefore, each item acts as a meaningful gift with high spiritual value. Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Therefore, the image of the traditional Kimono costume has become so familiar to us, especially to the readers of Anime. However, instead of choosing traditional Kimono sets with monotonous designs, Anime Kimono brings a new fashion breeze to attract your attention. With a clever combination of tradition and modernity, Kimono sets inspired by the Anime series give you a whole new look. Let's check out these items!

Anime Kimono

Naruto Kimono

Naruto is a name too familiar to us. Known as the most famous series in the Anime world, this series also owns a huge fan base. Designing Anime Merchs inspired by Naruto characters is a successful idea of ​​Anime. These items quickly attracted the attention of fans in general and customers in particular. With a delicate combination of traditional style and creative Anime motifs, the Naruto Kimono Anime collection has been created. In particular, the characters' images are prominently printed on the background of the costumes, which both help to partly show the character's personality and spirit and help you easily find your favorite characters like Uzumaki Naruto Kimono, Naruto Sage Kimono, Naruto Bijuu Kimono,..etc.

Haikyuu Kimono

Anime Kimono Haikyuu is a collection that is appreciated for its creativity. The items in this collection are a delicate and creative combination of traditional details and modern motifs. Moreover, the designs this time also show the personality and characteristics of each character in the story. For example, Karasuno Kimono is creatively designed to represent the dynamic and intelligent boys of the Karasuno School. The items in this collection also earn brown points with customers because of the diverse and unique color combination that gives you many choices.

Demon Slayer Kimono

Are you a fan of the Demon Slayer series? The merchandise in the Anime Kimono Demon Slayer collection will give you new looks. These Kimonos are designed to be simple but extremely delicate. At the same time, the motifs on the shirt are also cleverly shown, partly showing the personality and image of each character. For example, Giyuu Kimono Anime Demon Slayer is an item that is appreciated for its creativity. The combination of purple, blue, and yellow tones is the main color tone that helps to express the image of the character Giyuu and gives you a youthful and fresh appearance. Akaza Kimono is another item dedicated to pink-loving girls. With a lovely design and main pink color will bring a sweet look to you. In addition, Anime Kimono Demon Slayer offers a lot of different choices, the designs are inspired by many different characters that appear in the story waiting for you to discover.

My Hero Academia Kimono

If other collections offer fresh and lovely styles, the designs of Anime Kimono My Hero Academia will give you a more unique and cool look. Designed based on the image of smart, sharp, and cool characters in the tradition, the items in this collection also bring a more unique and new fashion look. The collection offers a variety of different options for you. No matter which character you love in the series, you can easily find Kimonos with images of your favorite characters. With a variety of designs, styles, and colors, you can choose items that match your style and personal preferences. A Fumikage Tokoyami Kimono in black color gives you a cool and mysterious look, or an Ochako Uraraka Kimono shirt with a pink color scheme with the Ochako character printed prominently to help you express your preferences.

Jujutsu Kaisen Kimono

Not only are the normal Kimonos, but this Anime Kimono Jujutsu Kaisen collection also shows the great meaning that GearOtaku wants to convey there. Each item represents each of the different styles of the characters in Jujutsu Kaisenseries. The images, as well as the textures, are shown on the shirt are to help you easily choose the items designed according to your bias character. No matter which character you love, the variety of this collection can satisfy you. What's even more special is that you can order custom-made shirts to meet your personal preferences.

Hunter X Hunter Kimono

Bringing new color and style, Anime Kimono Hunter X Hunter has attracted a large number of customers every day since its debut. Possessing eye-catching designs, along with trendy mainstream colors, the items in this collection are sought after and favored by a large number of customers. Kimono designs this time still retain the spirit and precious traditions of Japan while bringing freshness and youth through each motif shown on the shirt. In particular, through the images printed on the shirt thanks to modern printing technology, you can completely choose the shirt with your favorite character. Hunter x Hunter is a series that impresses readers with its impressive and eye-catching characters. Therefore, the items in this collection will not make you disappointed.

One Piece Kimono

Anime Kimono One Piece is considered a precious gift with high spiritual value for loved ones around you, especially those who love the famous One Piece series. The boys and girls appearing in the One Piece series have left impressions and memories in the hearts of readers. Anime Kimono One-Piece includes Kimono designs that are directly inspired by each character who appears in the story, which will be items that you cannot ignore. Therefore, you can easily find Kimonos with the image of your bias character that helps you express your style and personality.

Pokemon Kimono

Each product in the Anime Kimono Pokemon collection is a pride and a small gift that GearOtaku wants to give to customers. Owning creative and trendy designs, this collection has been chosen and loved by a large number of customers. The characters in the Pokemon series have become familiar with cute and mischievous images. Therefore, GearOtaku decided to present a bright and fresh image through the items in this collection. Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon Squirtle, Pokemon Pikachu, and many other characters from the series have all become great inspirations in the designs of this collection.

Dragon Ball Kimono

If you've read through and love the content and how to create the character image in the Dragon Ball series, Anime Kimono Dragon Ball will be the item you cannot ignore. With a youthful and dynamic design, these Anime Dragon Ball Kimonos will help your wardrobe become more trendy and cooler. Gohan Kimono, Gogeta Kimono… or any of your favorite characters are shown on each design, giving you many choices.

Death Note Kimono

Have you read the famous anime series Death Note? Which character from this series is your favorite? Anime Kimono Death Note will offer a variety of Kimono choices. You can easily find shirts printed with your bias character such as Death Note Mello Kimono, Death Note Ryuk Kimono…, etc.

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FAQs About Anime Kimono

Are yukata and kimonos the same thing?

The kimono is the most recognizable item of apparel in Japanese culture. The kimono and its summer equivalent, the yukata, are traditional clothing items that are both deep in history and very much of the present. But the first thing that pops your head is, "What makes a kimono different from a yukata?"
The word "kimono" is made up of the kanji "ki," which means "to wear," and "mono," which means "item." Therefore, a kimono is really just something you wear! Despite its numerous layers, the kimono was a popular clothing item in Japan because it was primarily functional.

A yukata is often constructed of lightweight synthetic fabric or breathable materials like cotton, and it is typically worn during the scorching summer months. The word "yukata", which means "bathing cloth," refers to the original item.

What is kimono called in Japanese?

A single piece of clothing—the kimono—has characterized Japanese fashion for millennia. The kimono reflects the elegant refinement of Japanese culture and style and is historically significant as well as beautiful and rich in symbolism, demonstrating that there is much more to clothing than meets the eye.

What do you call a female kimono?

Did you know that there are various kimono styles for women to wear for various occasions? And that the appropriate kimono to wear depends on whether you're married or not? The world of Japanese traditional garments is an intricate one, so before you choose your kimono, let's have a look at some of the types available. 

Why is the kimono left over right?

Short version: Since most of us are right-handed, custom dictates that we always wear our kimonos with the left side (as seen by the wearer) over the right. This allows us to place our valuables between the two layers.
Japanese people have traditionally worn kimonos in this manner in addition to this practical explanation because of a law passed as far back as 1300 years ago that required commoners to wear kimonos with the left side (from the wearer) layered over the right to distinguish themselves from aristocrats, who wore the garment in the reversed way.