10 Best Anime On Funimation To Watch From 2022

Are you talking about the best anime on Funimation in 2022? That’s a tricky question. So, let us apprise you that there is no such thing as “the best” anime on Funimation. Instead, anime is a genre of varied and intricate artworks.

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best anime on Funimation

10 Must-See Best Anime On Funimation 2022

1. One Piece

If you're an anime newbie, you might want to start with a comedy anime like One Piece. It has an extensive collection of episodes and is quite popular with fans. More than 12 years old, it is still not showing any signs of getting old. (1)

One Piece is an anime about piracy and does not follow a predictable storyline. The main character, Monkey D Luffy, is a brave and strong boy who wants to be the Pirate King.

One Piece

The characters in the anime One Piece are varied. This adds to the series' pleasure because our characters are frequently immersed in thrilling and daring circumstances while working with their buddies!

If you like One Piece, let's go to GearOtaku, where you may dress up and turn into those fascinating characters. Overall, One Piece is a candidate for Funimation's finest combat shonen anime at its peak.

2. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. It is based on Hajime Isayama's manga series. (2)

Attack on Titan

The series premiered in 2013 and is slated to conclude in the first few months of 2022. Attack on Titan changes significantly throughout its duration, with each season having a distinct tone and tempo. The story follows Eren Yeager, a teenager who loses his mother to a titan attack when they leave the safety of the city walls that protect humanity. Then, Eren and his friends join the military to defeat the titans and return peace to the world.

Overall, the English actors do a fantastic job of portraying the story. Watch it now, and prepare yourself for the long wait for the last season. It's one of the best Funimation anime.

3. My Hero Academia

This is a shonen anime and has been a phenomenal success in American and Japanese markets. It has been widely praised by critics and fans alike, winning several awards.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is the story of young Izuku Midoriya, born without superpowers in a world where most of the population has some superpowers called "Quirks". Fortunately, he encounters All Might, the greatest hero, and the story takes off from there. We won’t spoil more about the story, but we can say that My Hero Academia is one of the season's most intense and heartwarming anime. It is a great anime to watch if you want to become a hero yourself. (3)

4. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of the top Funimation anime and one of the best anime in history. Shinichiro Watanabe created it, and the music was composed by Yoko Kanno. (4)

Cowboy Bebop

The series only has 26 episodes, but they are all excellent. Cowboy Bebop has a sci-fi feel, with some episodes taking place in a future dystopian Earth. Many regard Cowboy Bebop as the best anime in history, as it has nearly flawless storytelling, a unique premise, and excellent action scenes.

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a hugely underappreciated super-series. It debuted in early 2010 and concluded with its 328 episodes running in 2020. This anime has perfect cast choices and outstanding performances, making it one of the few that should be watched in English. (5)

Fairy Tail

It's an action-adventure program with fantasy themes centered on Natsu, Lucy, and their Fairy Tail guildmates. The show also boasts expensive, excellent, and unique music.

6. The Quintessential Quintuplets

This anime is a good mix of action, comedy, and slice of life. The story follows the five quintuplets of the Takanashi family, each with unique traits that make them stand out. (6)

The Quintessential Quintuplets

It's a comedy about a family that adjusts to raising five young girls rather than a serious drama or war-filled adventure. The show explores the characters and the dynamic of the family, giving us a glimpse of their struggles and joys, which you do not usually find in anime.

Season 2 is outstanding since it builds on the dynamics introduced by season 1. That proves this anime is enjoyable from the start.

7. Black Clover

If you are talking about big-time, Black Clover is a burgeoning fantasy-adventure super-series with many buzzes. The program begins to build up steam, and it rapidly becomes a must-see for super-series lovers.

Black Clover

It is impossible to watch Black Clover and not fall in love with the characters. The main character, Asta, is adorably cynical and hilarious. The rest of the characters are also extraordinarily well-developed and likable. Each has its unique abilities and traits, making them memorable and exciting.

8. Danganronpa

It's about a group of students trapped on an isolated island by a maniacal bear named Monokuma and can only escape by killing a classmate and getting away with it.


Although it’s a high school murder mystery, the way it’s presented is what will make it great. Each episode starts with a murder, and the show goes back in time to show the murder in detail.

The first season is only 12 episodes, but the second season is much longer and is currently ongoing. We're not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s worth watching.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

Known as the successor of Yu Yu Hakusho anime, this series is an iconic shonen series. Jujutsu Kaisen revolves around a teenager named Kouta Hoshikawa, who swallows a mysterious monster’s finger and becomes a spirit detective.

Jujutsu Kaisen

The series is well known for its original and exciting animation, which the Japanese animation studio MAPPA created. Furthermore, it is slated to return in 2022 with its second season.

10. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is a great anime, not just because of its action-packed plot and excellent characterization, but because of its portrayal of the titular character.

Demon Slayer is a great anime

Demon Slayer is a young boy who is the protector of his clan. The way Demon Slayer is presented will make him easily a favorite for many viewers.
Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of the manga, who wishes to become a Demon Slayer after a monster slaughtered his whole family and transformed his sister into a demon. Throughout the story, Tanjiro encounters an assortment of other Demon Slayers in his quest to return his sister to humankind and get revenge on his family.

Final Thoughts

We're always excited to see what new anime will come out in the future, so be sure to keep checking back on our article for more great content like this in the future!

If you're looking to see what anime is popular right now, be sure to check out our article on the best anime on Funimation of 2022 right here. Thank for reading!


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