Best Slice Of Life Anime - Top 10 List Of All Time!

Slice of life anime is a unique genre of anime that focuses less on the action and more on the day-to-day life of the characters. By definition, a slice of life anime feels very real and relatable. It is a very popular genre among anime fans with many anime merch. Today, GearOtaku has compiled a list of the top 10 best slice of life anime of all time. Let's take a look through our list!

Slice Of Life Anime

10 Best Slice Of Life Anime Ever You Should Watch

1. Aria

There is a reason that slice of life anime set in quaint rural Japanese villages has stayed around for so long. However, it can also be nice to travel once in a while. Sometimes visiting more exotic places than what is usually depicted can add a nice flavor to the plot. (1)


Aria is set in the Neo-Venezia city of Aqua planet, and it is referred to as such throughout the series. The architecture couldn't be further from industrial Tokyo, yet there is much to inspire our memories of Italy's Venice. But there are also a handful of fantastical touches compared to our reality.

The protagonist Aria and the other characters frequently stop to look at the vivid and detailed backdrop of their adventures that don't feature much conflict or tension. Being a slice of life piece, Aria aims to instill tranquility into its audience by presenting a subtle and peaceful story devoid of many serious moments.

2. Lucky Star

Produced and running for 24 episodes, Lucky Star was an anime that is lighthearted and fun. This show helped define the slice of life genre in modern-day anime, but rereading the source material for this anime years later will probably leave plenty of viewers feeling bored and uninspired.

The series deals mainly with the everyday lives of four girls who attend school together and live together. It is fair to say they all have their hobbies, but the most important thing is seeing how each of them lives life differently. And though Konata Izumi appears to be the most popular character in this anime, the other three characters are also funny and cute. (2)

Lucky Star

3. Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys

The title may give away that this anime is filled with various short stories, mostly based on everyday events. The show's main characters are students from an academic school known as Sanada North Boys High school.

The series takes the form of high school boys' fantastical adventure with their interactions and coming-of-age endeavors. These boys have no dull moments because life is unpredictable like that. It makes it all the more fun for anyone who sits back and watches events unfold without the harsh realities of adulthood. (3)

Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys

4. Barakamon

Barakamon is so much more than just a show about calligraphy! It's got quirky humor, but it goes deeper into human emotion, identity, and the joys of rediscovering your passion for an incredible art form. Barakamon is the perfect example of what we might define as an anime iyashikei - soothing, relaxing, and just plain good for you. (4)


Those watching get to follow Seishuu Handa, the main character, as he learns some valuable lessons about dealing with varying types of people. They also get to experience a glimpse at everyday life in rural Japan and all the drama unfolding in this scenic countryside.

5. Azumanga Daioh: The Animation

Azumanga Daioh is a classic. Although it tackles the pitfalls of everyday life, this anime is rated very highly on almost all award lists. Many said that it breathed new life into the anime community and revolutionized the genre when it first came out. (5)

Azumanga Daioh: The Animation

The girls are each three-dimensional girls with flaws, quirks, and insecurities. Though it is not as outlandish as some other slice of life anime, Azumanga Daioh is a commitment to realism and is still undeniably hilarious because of all these characters.

6. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon - a Hiromu Arakawa's most recent anime series, was written in 2019. This anime centers more on farm life than the fantasy adventures or dramatic obstacles faced we are used to seeing in previous shows. This story takes place at a lovable agricultural high school in the city of sunny Hokkaido, where we follow the daily life of Yuugo Hachiken. While originally he thought that starting up an agricultural school would be easy, he learns that life is certainly harder than he first imagined. (6)

Silver Spoon

7. YuruYuri: Happy Go Lucky

YuruYuri features more character development than one would expect from something like this. Although both seasons feature a distinct blend of friendship, the most meaningful character progressions occur within their supporting characters instead of the titular foursome. (7)

YuruYuri: Happy Go Lucky

The series follows students' daily lives as they navigate relationships and high school life at a fictional Nanamori Middle School in Takaoka. Members mainly tell the story of the Amusement Club and the Student Council.

8. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

It seems all too common to hear about people waking up one morning to find that they had gone on an adventure the night before, and while they had thought it was all just a dream, it wasn't. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a typical story for that genre. (8)

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

The show follows our main protagonist, a programmer named Kobayashi, who meets an odd assortment of dragons after becoming their guardian. Kobayashi eventually warms up to the dragons that she takes into her home and helps them solve problems related to living in the human world.

9. Natsume's Book Of Friends

Able to see Yokai, Tokumaru Natsume is inspired by his grandmother to continue her research on paranormal phenomena. She leaves him with a book containing the names of different supernatural beings that allows the owner to control the spiritual beasts and invoke their powers. (9)

Natsume's Book Of Friends

Natsume's Book of Friends is an action-packed comedy with the occasional mystery and supernatural horror. Seeing how Natsume can see youkai, he does things differently from other exorcists.

Instead of taking over their bodies or forcing them to leave, he works with them by giving them new names that would hopefully return their will to become human once more. This series is full of funny moments between heartwarming scenes, realistic dialogue about friendship, and powerful lessons about forgiveness.

10. Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

This anime is hilarious. It has meme-worthy characters that various memes found on the internet can be recognized. This show also depicts a certain aspect of humanity that has become more common in current society.
The show is about three high school girls and lifelong friends. Everything about their lives is over-the-top and adorable, adding a hilarious element to each scene. While many moments are considered 'traditional' by nature, none of it is done normally. This adds to the charm in every episode while giving viewers plenty of laughs. (10)

Nichijou - My Ordinary Life


These ten best slice of life anime is perfect for those looking for a non-traditional approach to a story and is typically a slice of life anime that contains a lot of comedy and episodic stories. If you enjoy a good laugh or just want to watch something that doesn't involve the world's fate being in the balance, a slice of life anime is for you!


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