Demon Slayer Gifts - 30 Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Your friend or relative is a Demon Slayer fan, but you have no idea about gifts at their special event. What items should you choose as a unique and usable present to impress your loved one?

If you get stuck in this situation, this post is for you. Gearotaku will offer you 30 suggestions for Demon Slayer gifts on any occasion. Let’s check our post and browse our store to get more ideas!

30 Best Demon Slayer Gifts

1. Fox Mask Mug

Demon Slayer Fox Mask Coffee Mug

Source: Amazon

One of the best gifts for any holiday is a mug. It is suitable for all receivers, whether they are girls or boys. 

Fans of Demon Slayers will like having this Fox Mask mug in their cabinets to start their days, especially because it is distinctive in design and will only be recognized by other series fans, which is something anime fans usually value.

Indeed, customized mugs are trending on the Internet. You can choose a favorite anime of your loved one and let the store know. They can help you create a unique gift.

2. Demon’s Characters Sock Set

Ankle socks | Demon Slayer

Source: Etsy

Demon Slayer socks can contribute to the impression of the outfit. This accessory will captivate all Demon Slayer fans with their beloved character's chibi prints.

Instead of choosing a normal style, these socks are more special and meaningful for your friends as Christmas gifts. Remember to choose breathable materials to keep the comfort in every daily activity. 

3. Demon Slayer Pattern Wallet

Fashion Demon Slayer Cosplay PU Leather Wallet

Source: Demon Slayer Stuff

Wallets are a familiar item in daily life. As a result, it is no wonder if it is always one of the most chosen items as gifts, such as anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, etc.

A wallet printed with cute anime characters will delight Demon Slayer fans. They can admire this uniqueness every time they use it and remember the person who gave it.

4. Demon Slayer Phone Case

Japanese Anime Manga Protective Case for iPhone

Source: Etsy

This idea is not new. Yet, a phone case can come with various design choices. A case with embossed patterns and scratch-resistant protection is more valuable and shows the giver's sincerity.

Depending on the recipient's favorite, you can choose a design of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Rengoku, Shinobu, or Nezuko. Moreover, if you are a great artist, you can design yourself. This way, the gift seems more meaningful to your loved one. 

The most important thing is choosing a proper case with the phone model.

5. Demon Slayer Phone Grips

Demon Slayer Smarttok Cell Phone Grip Holder Stand Phone Holder Silicon

Source: eBay

Demon Slayer phone grips are another gift idea, especially for your girlfriend. A cute character on the grip can make her happy whenever she uses it.

You can give your loved one a phone decor set with a case and a grip. Design with it Demon's character will be a wonderful present for her.

6. Tanjiro Pet ID Tag

Dog Tag Necklace Gift for Him/Her

Source: etsy

If your buddy has a pet, you can also think of a Tanjiro pet ID tag as a present. Many DIY shops allow you to choose the design of the tag. A tag full of anime ideas will surprise and impress the recipient. 

Moreover, you should choose an adjustable wire because your friend’s pet can be bigger than you estimate.

7. Tanjiro Joggers

Tanjiro Jogger Pants Custom Uniform Kimetsu Anime Sweatpants

Source: gearotaku

When your friend is a Demon Slayer fan, Tanjiro joggers from Gearotaku will be a great option.

An item with Demon Slayer's pattern will make your buddy's outfit unique. Joggers are daily clothes that can be worn at home or outside. 

Remember to pay attention to its material to bring comfort to the fullest. Moreover, when buying this kind of present, you should know the right jogger size for your buddy.

8. Demon Killer T-Shirt

Demon killer Essential T-Shirt

Source: Redbubble

T-shirts are one of the most popular birthday gifts because of their variety and practicality. We are sure everyone has at least one item in their closet. Moreover, they almost never go out of style.

A Demon Killer T-shirt will be a meaningful gift for boyfriend or girlfriend. It can easily be dressed up to look cool with shorts or joggers. One tip is to choose a shirt material with a lot of cotton to bring a cool feeling when wearing.

9. Inosuke Hashibira Crazed Boar Peeker Sticker

Crazed Boar peeker Sticker

Source: Redbubble

In addition to Crazed Boar products, these peeker stickers also feature various well-known character prints, from Tanjiro to Nezuko. We highly suggest this item for the anime lover who loves to flaunt it.

The recipient of your present may place them immediately on their car windows or even their personal belongings.

You will have diversified options from many sizes to designs for your buddy!

10. Inosuke Figure

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba BUZZmod. Inosuke Hashibira 1/12 Scale Figure

Source: Bigbadtoystore

Inosuke figures are one of the most intriguing options for anime fans. Thus, they are always a wonderful idea as a special gift. 

These models, composed of ABS and PVC, were created using the actual character sizes from this anime series. 

Each fight state and the minute details will be recreated by this version of the action figures. Your friend will fall in love with it right away because of the vibrant effects, just as in the narrative.

For example, Inosuke is a boisterous and impatient young man who made his Demon Slayer debut in the eleventh episode. Who wouldn't want to have a figure of this favorite character?

11. Demon Slayer Manga Box Set

Demon Slayer Complete Box Set: Includes volumes 1-23 with premium

Source: Amazon

What can be more suitable than a complete manga set of Demon Slayer? This stunning box set includes 23 volumes with a special booklet and a double-sided poster of this international bestseller title.

The story is about Yaiba Tanjiro Kamado on the Demon Slayer's journey to save his sister and get revenge on his family. The good-hearted Tanjiro Kamado makes a job selling charcoal in Taisho-era Japan. 

Yet, a monster slaughters his entire family, shattering his tranquil life. The only person who has survived is his young sister Yaiba Nezuko Kamado, but he surprisingly learns that she has also been changed into a monster!

Tanjiro embarks on a dangerous quest to restore his sister to normalcy and defeat the demon.

12. The Hinokami Chronicles Video Game

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles

Source: Store.steampowered

Fans reading or watching Demon Slayer might not satisfy their passion. How about letting them deep into the world of Tanjro? 

For those who are fans of both anime and video games, the Hinokami Chronicles video game is the best idea. It allows players to take part in the journey of saving Nezuko and killing the demon for revenge. 

You can experience the gaming moment to the fullest.

This game is available for multiple consoles, such as Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and 5.

13. Demon Slayer Tote Bag 

Demons Slayers Cools Tote Bag

Source: Redbubble

For those with a limited budget, a tote bag with the Demon family is a great recommendation for girlfriends. Moreover, it can be one of the mother's day gifts, be it for outing or shopping. 

This item will always stand by the recipient's side. So, they can feel your love anywhere and any time. You can also customize the tote design to suit your loved one.

14. Kamado Tanjiro Bottle

Kamado Tanjiro Water Bottle

Source: Redbubble

A water bottle does not always stand on the top list of gifts, but this item is crucial for almost everyone, whether workers or students. 

A Tanjiro bottle can be impressive enough to remind the recipient to drink water regularly. This way, it can help your loved one improve their water-drinking routine to live a healthier lifestyle. 

A glass bottle will be better than a plastic one because the latter doesn't have high heat resistance. Moreover, a thermos bottle will be more convenient for containing water or hot coffee.

15. Tanjiro Nezuko Pattern Airpod Case

Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjirou Nezuko Anime Pattern for Airpods Pro Case

Source: Amazon

Turning all the belongings into a colorful world of Demon Slayer is always an anime fan's endless dream.

Airpods are a common item recently. Thus, many youngsters love collecting AirPods cases to make their stuff more colorful and special. That's why this is an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday.  It is lovely and unique to put your AirPods in a Tanjiro Nezuko case like this.

16. Demon Rui Shoes

Demon Rui Shoes Kimetsu Anime Shoes

Source: gearotaku

If you seek Halloween gifts, Demon Rui shoes are always one of the most impressive presents on the list. This item comes in various designs and styles to fit any person. 

Gearotaku has many fantastic Demon Slayer shoes for fans. They are high quality with durable but soft materials to ensure comfort for users.

17. Kamado Nezuko Keyboard

Demon Slayer Kamado Nezuko Keycap Cool Man Anime Keycap

Source: Aliexpress

The working corner sometimes looks quite rigid, and it is hard to bring inspiration to work. Some stuff and decorations can help it become more lively. 

A keyboard with Kamado Nezuko style is a must-mention item. The keyboard with full pink color will delight any little girl, even non-fans. This way, it can create motivation and creativity for working and studying.

18. Demon Slayer Face Mask

japanese anime demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba dust proof cotton face masks


When the Covid 19 epidemic was raging, masks became one of the items at the top of the shopping list. Instead of ordinary masks with simple colors (black and white), a mask with Demon Slayer style will be a great gift for the recipient who is a fan of this anime. 

Wearing this mask on the street will make you look cooler and more impressive.

19. Demon Slayer Pajamas/ Sleepwear

Anime Demon Slayer Pajamas Cartoon Cute

Source: Aliexpress

Demon Slayer pajamas are also an ideal idea for this popular anime fan. They create a new vibe for your feelings, which normal sleepwear cannot bring you. 

Because the purpose of these clothes is to wear to sleep, you need to pay attention to the materials. Ensure you choose the right size to keep comfortable for those who wear them.

20. Rengoku Kyoujurou Cosplay Wigs 

Rengoku Kyoujurou Cosplay Wig Cosplay Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Halloween Party Wigs

Source: Lazada

Anime fans often like cosplay. An accessory for cosplay activities can make them excited. If you find your friend interested in a cosplay costume, give them a cosplay wig. Of course, you need to know who is their favorite character in Demon Slayer. 

Wigs come with various selections in length, color, style, etc. Thus, you should research the character to buy the best one. Rengoku Kyoujurou Cosplay Wigs will be an ideal anniversary gift for your boyfriend!

21. Inosuke Piggy Bank

Inosuke Piggy Bank


Inosuke piggy bank is a suitable gift for almost everyone, whether anime fans or not. It is because Inosuke is a super cute character. A piggy bank can represent the wish of the wealthy or a message for your kids to save money. 

Moreover, this gift can play a role of a cool decoration on the working corner or table. For Inosuke fans, this is a must-have item.

22. Shinobu Kochou 3D Illusion LED Lamp

Shinobu Kochou lamp Cool 3D Illusion Night Light Home Room Decor Acrylic LED Light Xmas Gift Lamps

Source: Amazon

A Shinobu Kochou LED lamp is a wonderful idea for any occasion. It features various arbitrary light colors with colorful effects at night.

This option also has a remote control, allowing you to just sit on the bed and change the pattern. 

This LED lamp can bring your bedroom an amazing and mysterious space. Immerse yourself in the various varieties of this light to increase the mood in your relaxing moments.

23. Tanjiro Chibi Plush

Bandai Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chibi Plush - Kamado Tanjiro

Source: Amazon

Plush is a toy made from plush or thick fabric and filled with a soft material. This is a toy that almost all children have at least one item at their home. Children and adults also like it because it is lovely and brings a pleasant feeling when hugging. 

Thus, when you give your friend their favorite Tanjiro in a chibi-style plush form, they won't be able to resist this attraction. This toy can be an eye-catching decoration in any house corner. 

Moreover, chibi plush is also available as Nezuko, Inosuke, Yaiba Giyu, Muichiro, Mitsuri, Rengoku, Tengen, etc. It is also a flexible choice. That means depending on your budget, you can choose a suitable size at a reasonable price.

24. Kimetsu no Yaiba Bowl And Chopsticks

Demon Slayer Ramen Bowl, featuring Kimetsu No Yaiba Ramen Bown, 16 oz Bowl

Source: Amazon

Every hunter has to feed and replenish after a hard night of hunting demons to continue fighting. Thus, a set of Kimetsu no Yaiba bowl and chopsticks is recommended. 

Use this adorable porcelain ramen bowl to eat udon or ramen like Tanjiro! The bowl will have the Inosuke emblem on one side and white background. The meal now is full of anime world!

25. Black Makeup Brush

5pcs Kamado Tanjirou Cosplay Metal Cosmetic Brush Set

Source: Amazon

What if your sister or your girlfriend is a demon hunter? You can add a little fun to their vanity routine with a set of makeup brushes with a Black Demon Slayer design. This idea is practical for girls who love makeup, which can also melt their hearts. 

Kimetsu no Yaiba Makeup brushes include 5 items with different functions. Their handles are customized with the anime image, making them unique. The bristles are soft and high-quality to serve all kinds of skin.

26. Maxer Demon Slayer Lunch Cooler Bag And Lunch Box

Maxer demon slayer Lunch Bag for Women Lunch Holder Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

Source: Amazon

Another meaningful gift that you should give your loved one is the lunch cooler bag and lunch box. Nowadays, when life becomes too busy, meals are often overlooked.

Lunch cooler bags and boxes can remind the recipient on your behalf to pay attention to lunch. Of note, lunch boxes with Demon Slayer patterns will make them impressed and always want to bring meals to work. This gift will help you take care of your loved one, which will show your flair.

27. Demon Slayer Umbrella

Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer Corps Folding Umbrella

Source: Otakumode

Does your buddy live in a tropical country or an area with many sudden spots of rain? If yes, an umbrella will be a suggestion that you might consider when choosing a gift for them. 

It helps you take care of your friend on rainy days, which expresses your love and sincerity. Moreover, you can pick the Demon Slayer umbrella to create a surprise for your friend. This colorful accessory can let them stand out in the rain.

Umbrella also has many sizes to choose from. Thus, depending on their needs, you can buy a large or small one for your friend.

28. Demon Slayer Bedding Set

Duvet Cover Set Bedding Sets Quilt Comforter Cover No Comforter Full Character

Source: Amazon

Are you looking for mother's day gifts and father's day gifts? A Demon Slayer bedding set will be a great one. It implies that you always stand by their side and take care of them. Thus, every sleep might become warmer on the drap and with the blanket. 

The ideal option would be to select fabric composed of soft materials, such as microfibers. When used, this material will feel smooth and airy, making you feel like you are floating in your dream.

Some shops allow you to customize the pattern on the bedding set. That's why it is on this list. If your dad is passionate about Demon Slayer, you might consider this option a special gift.

29. Tanjiro Snapback Cap

Tanjiro Cap Hat Water Breathing Anime Kimetsu Snapback Hats

Source: gearotaku

Tanjiro snapback caps are extremely recommended for those who love traveling and have a cool style. Some anime shops like Gearotaku offer many caps with multiple colorful designs. Yet, ensure the cap is fitted to the head size of the recipient, or you should choose an adjustable cap. 

In addition, you must know their character preferences for an impressive gift.

30. Demon Slayer Gift Set: School Supplies

Pencil Case, Lanyard, Keychain, Mini-Notebook, Tattoo Sticker, Hand Account Sticker, Eraser, Rollerball Pen, Pencil, Ruler

Source: Amazon

Having the daily items with Demon Slayer patterns is a wish of its anime fans. Thus, instead of giving your friend normal things as a gift. A set of school supplies with all Demon Slayer designs will make them cherish your present.

A set might include a colorful pencil case, keychain, notebook, lanyard, tattoo sticker, eraser, ruler, pen, pencil, etc. Depending on your budget, you can choose some from these ideas.


The anime fandom community is developing these days quickly. This led to the appearance of several shops specializing in anime-inspired prints, such as Gearotaku. This way, anime fans can fulfill their preferences with many designs of popular anime.

In particular, this post has provided 30 ideas for Demon Slayer gifts. As a result, it is not challenging to decide on gifts for your anime fan’s friend. Let’s choose the perfect one for your loved ones.


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