Dragon Ball Z Gifts: 30 Best Picks To Consider

We know how hard it is to call for the most fitting treat for your pals on a particularly special occasion. Especially when you have an anime-lover buddy, things get pretty tricky due to the vast market offered.

Speaking of which, aside from Amazon and other sought-after retailers, Gearotaku is also a promising stock to track down a unique and stand out present for your extreme nerd friend.

Well then, hesitate no more but check out this list of Dragon Ball Z gifts' best ideas for further grasp and clever consumption!

Top 30 Coolest Dragon Ball Z Gifts

1. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Video Game

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (PS4)

Source: Amazon

What gift do you give a Dragon ball fan? The answer must come: A video game that brings them the most genuine experience to live in their favorite anime setting is undoubtedly an irresistible present.

From exploring Capsule Corp and Kame's House to engaging in combat on Planet Namek, this game features every single location shown in the series.
It is not like any simulation game you have ever undergone.

Such entertainment is exactly what the world of Dragon Ball Z would be when it is in front of your eyes. What else could be more exciting for an authentic fan to become Goku and rack up your own journey? You bet!

The new DLCs even offer you a greater specialty. As such, accessing the latest Dragon Ball Super anime universe is no longer out of your reach!

2. Dragon Ballz Super Saiyan Goku Gym Shaker Bottle

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku Gym Shaker Bottle -20-ounce BPA-Free Plastic Blender Bottle With Whisk Ball

Source: Amazon

Having a boyfriend who is both a huge nerd and an enthusiastic gymer? Lucky you!

In such a case, this 20-ounce Super Saiyan Goku-inspired gym shaker bottle would be the nicest gift for him to enjoy his healthy beverage option.

The product also features BPA-free plastic material, a screw-on cover, and a flip-top cap. There you go, awesome, safe, and secured simultaneously, we would say.

3. King Kai Symbol T-shirt

Ripple Junction Men's Dragon Ball Z King Kaio Symbol T-Shirt

Source: Amazon

Any recall of the detail in which Goku wears the outfit having his master's emblem (kanji) all the time? This is a part of his polite manners where Goku shows unlimited respect to King Kai, his first instructor.

Based on this meaningful trait, we would like to introduce a huge hit you may not want to miss out on: A King Kai's Symbol t-shirt - a fantastic present for DBZ fans.

No matter if you wish it to work as brilliant birthday gifts or else, the upcoming reaction will be worth your expectation anyway!

4. Dragon Ball Uno

ensky Uno DRAGON BALL than

Source: Amazon

Now, how do you think about the idea of amazing your friend with a pack of all DBZ's character cards to play Uno in your regular gathering?

We bet it's better than even a surprise birthday party!

Not only will they be thrilled to receive a marvelous keepsake, but chances for her or him and you bonding more are also increased. What a day to remember!

5. Dragon Ball Z Kid Buu Funko POP Vinyl Figure


Source: Toynk

Is your lover the biggest Funko POP figure collector? Then seek nowhere else but the Kid Buu Funko POP vinyl figure as perfect anniversary gifts to enforce the sentiment!

The POP figure is 3 34 inches tall, making it the perfect size to showcase on your bookcases, office desk, or gaming area.

6. Vegeta Blue Joggers

Vegeta Blue Jogger Pants Custom Anime Dragon Ball Sweatpants

Source: Gearotaku

A stylistic and vibrant-designed item indeed will be what to bear upon when it comes to these Vegeta blue joggers.

An anime-printed attire is now not anymore the kind of costume you can only wear in a fair or a Comicon, but even in your daily life without fearing any unwanted attention.

7. Dragon Ball Z LED Keychain

Dragon Ball Z Figure Super Saiyan Goku Crystal LED Pendant Key Chain

Source: Amazon

It is not a girl's privilege to like sparkly things. Boys can be very into that stuff, too!

This DBZ LED keychain is what's right up your street if you are looking for a decent and non-extreme present to give away. The effect of the light can also make a hit with your kids as a part of their children's day gifts collection.

8. DBZ Scouter

Dragon Ball Super - Red Scouter

Source: Amazon

Yet another fantastic gift for the DBZ die-hard fans!

For those who haven't known, this device is what Saiyans and other species employ to gauge a person's level of power. Give it to your pal and ask whether yours cannot be determined as Goku's.

Isn't it fun even for adults to have a stockpile of their pet characters' belongings?

9. Dragon Ball Z's Visual History

Dragon Ball: A Visual History

Source: Amazon

Ever since DBZ began to air globally, people have always questioned how it managed to become the most watched anime of all time. Even with a lifelong chaser of the series, such an excursion is sometimes still in need of revision.

And who better to give a recap and memorable skimming through this journey than Akira Toriyama? So let's gift your friend this book so that he will capture all the milestones in the series.

10. Dragon Ball Self-Portrait

Super sayian hand made manga cartoon funny anime caricature father's day gift mother's day gift graduation digital drawing

Source: Etsy

Thinking of getting thoughtful yet equally unique father's day gifts that would absolutely blow your darling daddy's mind? This DBZ self-portrait deserves a worthwhile spotlight to be the best choice you could ever have!

Provided that your "teenage" father is all over this series, we're sure nothing else could cheer him up more than a custom self-portrait done in Dragon Ball Z style.

You can also spice things up by requiring to have the upshot completed with the origin of your whole family. Even the harshest person could melt down receiving this sweet mindful gift!

11. Goku Bathrobe

Dragon Ball Z Goku Bath Robe Warm Sleepwear Unisex Cosplay Bathrobe Nightwear Orange

Source: Amazon

Searching no more for staggering Goku gifts now that you have this bathrobe!

Imagine how astonished your buddy would be when they open the box. Let us tell you something: No Goku fan can resist having this present, especially from someone caring much about their hobbies.

The robe also features Goku's Kanji Symbol printed on both sides. However, this product is not all about the look. Its fabric's softness and comfort are what bring values that you could no way withstand.

12. Vegeta Blue Jersey Shirt

Vegeta Blue Jersey Shirt Custom Dragon Ball

Source: Gearotaku

You are heading to Comicon, intended to not overdress but still hoping to fit in the festival's atmosphere. Here we've got your back!

With this cool well-off jersey from Gearotaku, being fashionable and true to your nature is definitely within your reach.

If worrying about giving a present like this can leave your pal a burden, you can also pretend to have it as one of the anime expo gifts you once grabbed by chance. There you go for the best of both worlds!

13. Dragon Ball Z Karin Japanese Dinnerware Set


Source: Toynk

Dressing like the number-one anime character must not be any stranger to most otaku. Now, it's the turn of eating!

This Japanese dinnerware is inspired by Dragon Ball Z's wise master Karin. The set has bold orange coloration and printed images of master Karin and the sage cat. Looking at such cute stuff, surefire your day long of hard work will be much more relief!

There is also the sturdy material of high-quality ceramic you can rest assured about using for daily dishes.

Aesthetic and health-friendly at the same time. We're sure you've found yourself perfect mother's day gifts that hardly anything else could surpass!

14. Dragon Ball Z The Complete Series

Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection

Source: Amazon

Collecting things without any written rules is an indispensable part of the otaku culture.

One could no way turn himself into a die-hard fan without going through over a hundred episodes of the anime. Still, owning a keepsake that reminds you of your cup of tea is always an unspoken desire.

As such, by throwing a complete series of Dragon Ball Z as the most mind-blowing Christmas gifts he could ever retrieve, you are making your nerd boyfriend love you more!

15. Shenron Statue with the 7 Balls


Source: Walmart

To put it simply, Shenron is the intimidating and enormous dragon that bestows aspirations. Who doesn't want a magical dragon from their fav anime franchise?

It's one of the most popular presents among fans of Dragon Ball Z. Believe it or not, the product's reviews section will attest to our words for that.

16. Snowflake Dragon Ball Ornament

Set of Three - Snowflake Dragon Ball Ornament

Source: Amazon

Is your buddy a wholehearted Dragon Ball Z collector? Well then, he would mind missing these astonishing Snowflake balls on the upcoming Christmas Eve.

With a limited edition of up to three unique-designed balls, this set is perfect as one of your most spicing Christmas ornaments.

Visualize how interested the guests would be once they behold such a piece of art hanging on the mistletoe. Just a heads-up: the reaction will be worth looking forward to!

17. Dragon Ball Z Custom Goku Symbol Heat Reactive Mug

ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Goku Heat-Change Mug, 16 oz

Source: Walmart

Purchasing a heat-reactive cup is another novel way to share your favorite hot beverage with your preferred anime character.

The distinctive coffee cup features a Goku symbol in shiny foil for channeling your inner Saiyan. Not just so, the 100% durable ceramic heat-reactive mug makes a great Dragon Ball Z present for you and your loved ones.

With a hot beverage in the Goku symbol heat reactive mug, starting your day has never been that loving!

18. Piccolo Tamashi Nations

Super Hero - Piccolo Super Hero, Bandai Spirits S.H.Figuarts

Source: Amazon

We've got you one more exceptional present for boyfriend to impress him the most!

Ranging from Piccolo, Son Goku, and Ultimate Gohan to Vegeta, there is a whole wide range of the top series' characters to choose from. Don't be in a quandary, anyway. Whichever one you pick, for sure, will amaze him no matter what!

19. Dragon Ball Z Funko POP Vinyl Vegeta Figure

Funko POP! Anime: Dragonball Z Vegeta Action Figure

Source: Amazon

For those who have dug themself into the passion of collecting, merely one figure of his favorite character is never good enough to fulfill their yearning.
That is why here we bring you another adorable Funko POP figure, a terrific choice for a collection or as a present for a Dragon Ball enthusiast.

The three 34-inch tall, intricately sculpted vinyl Funko POP is display-ready inside and outside its elegant window box packaging.

20. Gohan Hoodie Japan Style Dragon Ball Anime Shirt

Gohan Hoodie Japan Style

Source: Gearotaku

Gearotaku never fails to hit the bull's eye of customers who are seeking a combination of aesthetics and fascination. This item is indeed among the clearest examples of such a statement above.

With the calligraphy design emphasized by striking symbols and flowers, saying no to such beauty would leave us much regret.

21. Dragon Ball Z Anime Series 2 3D Foam Bag Clip

3D Figural Foam Bag Clip Dragon Ball Z Series 2 Pack [1 RANDOM Figure]

Source: Ebay

Figuring out such a random foam keychain inspired by the Dragon Ball Universe's characters should be pretty enjoyable and exciting if you are into collecting figure keychains and Dragon Ball Z.

The Monogram 3D foam key chain is 2.5 inches long. It showcases various cute chibi versions of the iconic Dragon Ball Z characters.

With a fairly affordable price to lean toward, we'll say you've gained yourself a deservedly bargain for such decent values!

22. Goku Cosplay Wig

miccostumes Men's Goku Cosplay Wig

Source: Amazon

Since the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, anime fans have always wished to have Goku's hairstyle. Saying so doesn't mean it's trendy or else, but isn't it fun to cosplay as if you are right in the movie?!

In reality, the majority of DBZ fans attempt Goku's hairdo at least once (you can ask the receiver if you want). Although it is one of the best hairstyles for anime aficionados, getting that hair is quite difficult.

For that reason, we highly advise giving the DBZ enthusiast this Goku's cosplay wig as Halloween gifts that could never fail out of your buddy's memory! Without a doubt, he will adore trying Goku's hairstyle on himself.

23. Dragon Ball Z Kid Buu Funko POP Vinyl Figure

Funko POP! Animation: Dragon Ball Z - Kid Buu, Multicolor

Source: Amazon

Once again, this Kid Buu Funko POP vinyl figure is worth a slot in your nerd friend's collection.

The POP figure is 3 34 inches tall. Due to their similar sizes, the story goes nowhere further than we have mentioned. This means any concern in your living space could all make an impeccable nest for it to showcase.

If you want to bring back childhood memories for a Dragon Ball Z fan, the Kid Buu Funko POP figure is, beyond any doubt, your perfect choice.

24. Dragon Ball Z Sneakers

PPII Goku's Power Up Fire Dragonball Ball Z High Top Sneakers Canvas Shoes

Source: Amazon

When it comes to tripping on the Dragon Ball Z perfect gift, sneakers will always be in style and stock of picking.

They, therefore, make thoughtful presents for everyone (even as wedding gifts, we would say! And the fact that it depicts Goku getting powered up on the sides makes it even more unique for Dragon Ball Z fans.

It's an exclusive gift that any DBZ enthusiast would appreciate. Additionally, these slip-on sneakers have a good rubber sole and are simple to put on and take off from the foot.

25. Dragon Ball Z LookSee Subscription Box Version 3

Dragon Ball Z LookSee Subscription Box Version 3 Collectibles for DBZ Collectors

Source: Amazon

The LookSee subscription box version 3 can make a great gift for any ardent Dragon Ball Z fan if you're looking for better present suggestions. There are numerous Dragon Ball Z collectibles in abundance in the Looksee Version 3.

Better yet, the set also comes with a throw blanket, ceramic mug with lid, coaster set, Dragon Ball Z backpack hanger, and collectible card game.

26. Dragon Ball Super Characters Water Bottle


Source: Amazon

With the Dragon Ball water bottle, which was inspired by the main characters of your favorite Dragon Ball, staying hydrated and celebrating your fandom at the same time would no longer be a daunting task to nail at.

The water bottle is made of premium, BPA-free plastic and has a top lid to stop accidental spills. It features a 32-ounce capacity for your preferred cool beverage as well. The plastic water bottle with a Saiyan design is perfect for everyday, informal, and active use.

27. DBZ Laptop Skins

Goku vs Vegeta Laptop Skin

Source: Redbubble

Another awesome Dragon Ball Z-related perfect gift idea!

Every geek enjoys having a stylish laptop skin with graphics. Additionally, we can't disregard the extensive selection of laptop skins that are offered on Amazon.

They possess some of the most gorgeous and eye-catching skins. It is among the most considerate Dragon Ball Z presents that any fan would appreciate.

28. Dragon Ball Super 6-Inch Jiren Character Plush

UCC Distributing Dragon Ball Super 6 Inch Character Plush | Jiren

Source: Amazon

A lovely character plush based on your favorite characters from Dragon Ball GT is one collector item you should put into a checklist for yourself or your beloved ones.

The Jiren-inspired plush is the ideal size for cuddling and has a soft stuffing and covering. There you go, collecting every plush created in honor of your preferred Z fighter from Dragon Ball Super!

29. Dragon Ball Shikishi Art Vol. 7 | Box of 10 Art Cards

Dragon Ball Shikishi Art Vol. 7 | Box of 10 Art Cards

Source: Ebay

A package of art cards on a Shikishi paper board is another standout present you might offer both to yourself and the receiver.

There are 16 different styles of Shikishi Art, and each card has a foil blind bag to add to the element of surprise. Aside from that, you can also add the package of 10 art cards to your collection of Dragon Ball Z artwork.

30. Training to beat Beerus T-shirt

Training to Beat Beerus Or at Least Champa Funny Tee Shirts for Men's

Source: Amazon

Dragon Ball Super introduced Lord Beerus first (the latest anime from the Dragon Ball Universe).

He is the god of devastation that Goku defeated in order to prevent him from destroying the Earth. And Champa is the sibling who is also a destroyer deity.

The t-shirt's "Training to beat Beerus or at least Champa," therefore, reads like a joke on how to make Champa seem like a simpler opponent.

Don't worry. We may not explain it in a humorous manner, but anime aficionados will find this shirt to be very entertaining. The gym junkies would be overjoyed to get this present.


Over the years, thousands of individuals' childhoods have been influenced by Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z. Chances are that your acquaintance is no exception as well!

In such cases, giving them a present up to their preference would be a great loving action of yours. Hopefully, the 30 Dragon Ball Z gifts listed above can aid in your holiday shopping decisions for loved ones and yourself. See then!


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