Top 30 Far-Out Naruto Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It's about your friend's birthday, and he's a huge fan of the famous anime series Naruto. If you're still stumped as to what Naruto gifts to get him or, worse if you completely forgot to buy birthday gifts for him, don't worry; we're here to help you!

What should I give my Naruto fans? There's no way your friend won't fall in love with one of our 30 Naruto–inspired recommendations, including the reputable Gearotaku merch supplier. The excellent gift you have chosen with such care will undoubtedly hold a special place in both your friends’ collection and their heart.

1. Naruto LEGO Set 8 Figures

YooFit 8 PCS Naruto Figure

Source: Amazon

This fantastic LEGO 8 figures set is incredibly valuable for both individuals who enjoy collecting unique Lego pieces and popular anime-related items. It contains all your favorite characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Itachi Uchiha, Pain, Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Namikaze Minato, and Orochimaru.

The figures are meticulously hand-painted. Would you choose this enjoyable gift? An important warning: this gift is reserved for recipients over 14 years old only. If you are in need of children's day gifts, we propose great options for toddlers down below.

2. Sakura Backpack 

Sakura Haruno Backpack Custom NRT Anime Bag Manga Style

Source: Gearotaku

A custom Sakura backpack is the second choice on the list of Naruto gifts. This anime backpack has a big compartment with a front pocket, which is very convenient for storing things.

Its material is polyester, and the back side is padded with breathable mesh fabric. The printed image can last long despite the weather. Plus, the backpack obtains shoulder straps assisting size adjustment.

3. Sasuke Uchiha Face Mask

Naruto Uchiha Itachi 1 Anime Adjustable Face Mask Reusable Washable Face Cover with 2 Filter Brethable Balaclava Bandanas Mouth Masks for Women Men

Source: Mosdelu

An Uchiha Sasuke face mask not only helps protect the health of your own and the people around you but also increases your coolness by ten times. Say goodbye to boring medical masks and hello to this wholesome Uchiha Sasuke face mask.

Not to mention the repeated use of cloth masks also reduces the amount of medical waste generated, contributing to environmental protection. What are you waiting for? Order a matching pair of masks for you and your best friend right now!

4. Hatake Kakashi Mouse Pad

Mouse Pads Hatake Kakashi RGB

Source: Amazon

The mouse pad, also known as the touchpad, is an indispensable accessory for professional gamers or those who use computers with high intensity. This Hatake Kakashi mouse pad will be a supportive assistant when playing challenging online games with your teammates or when working under the pressure of deadlines.

Additionally, it makes the workplace corner more cheerful and has Kakashi vibes. A marvelous gift worth purchasing, isn't it? You can especially have this for boyfriend in case he hasn't got one yet.

5. Haruno Sakura Lunch Bag

Women Girls Portable Insulated Lunch Bag Box Picnic Naruto - Haruno Sakura

Source: Walmart

Scrolling down here but still haven't got any ideas for him or for her? Try to look into the charming Haruno Sakura Lunch Bag. It will definitely surprise you.

Though it might sound like you can only use it to fill your lunch box, the bag is bigger than you thought and has one zip locker that goes with it. With great utility, compactness, and fashionable appearance, all eyes will be on Sakura when you carry this bag to work or school.

6. Naruto Neck Gaiter

Red Clouds Naruto Neck Gaiter

Source: Teeuni

You can easily notice the Akatsuki Cloud Symbol on this Neck Gaiter gift. At first, the characters' uniforms don't contain any red clouds. They chose that color to honor the loss of one of the initial members.

Neck Gaiter usually aids you from exposure to the sun or the harshness of cold weather. When temperatures drop, keeping your neck and chest area warm is important whether you're skiing, running, cycling, or just out and about.

7. Naruto Phone Case 

Naruto Phone Case Blu-ray Phone Back Cover for IPhone 13 Pro Max 12 11pro Max Xs Xr 7 8plus

Source: Aliexpress

Imagine how cool it is when you have a Naruto Shippuden Kakashi phone case. We all know that the cellphone is now an inseparable device for everybody. Having your favorite character on the back of your phone is such a great idea.

The silicon composite protects your gadget as it will not easily slip away from your hand. Order one for your lover as well, so except for a couple of clothes, you two will also have "couple phones".

8. Cute Naruto Cat-version Figures

8Pcs Anime Naruto Figures Kawaii Mini Q Version Modle NARUTO Cat Action Figuras

Source: Aliexpress

Finding some Naruto gifts for a cat lover? Nothing is better than a cute Naruto cat-version figure. The great thing is that you will have a random surprise combo as each character is modeled in 4 different designs.

You will receive a box with eight fellow ninjas packed randomly. Don't worry that you will get a not-so-good combo since every incredible figure is made carefully and beautifully. This gift will melt all hearts.

9. Naruto Friendship Necklace

Anime Naruto DOGTAG Colgante Collar de Acero Titanio

Source: Shopee

You and your friend have such a strong friendship like the characters in the series; a Naruto friendship necklace can be the symbol of it between you two. Get one for you and one for your best friend right now.

The necklace is made of metal, and each one represents one action figure. There is a detailed design picture of the character and its information on both sides of the pendant. You can choose various options, such as Akatsuki, Rock Lee, Hinata, and Itachi, which are available.

10. Deidara Character Hoodie

Japnese Akatsuki Anime Naruto Deidara Print Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

Source: Joom

Besides anime cosplay costumes, one of the potential anniversary gifts you may want to have a look at is the Deidara character hoodie. It's a perfect streetwear outfit for couples in winter. You can feel the real quality when you touch its soft and pretty light materials.

It maintains your unique style and keeps you warm on cold days. The big hood protects your ears from the windswept scenario. The sets are available in four colors: black, gray, white, and red.

11. Gaara Jersey Shirt

Gaara Jersey Shirt Custom Anime Merch Clothes Sport Style

Source: Gearotaku

One of the best Naruto gifts is the Gaara Jersey shirt, making the wearer cooler than ever. High quality is the first thing you see in this product. It's made of 90% poly and 10% spandex with unfadable images. The shirt can follow you years after but remains vibrant.

The fabric is soft and breathable. Shrinkage, crack, flake or peel should not be your worry. After customizing the design, patiently wait for the hand-craft and other processes to be done before the perfect product comes to you.

12. Naruto Slide Sandals


Source: Teesforall

The Akatsuki sandals are a good choice both for men and for women. With this product, you will not feel cold and uncomfortable while flip-flopping around the house. It's a simple but useful item.

Slide sandals are made from polyurethane, guaranteeing a good moment when you step on them. The Akatsuki cloud logo is an outstanding feature showing that you are the most enthusiastic manga fan. Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki is everywhere.

13. Naruto Kunai Earring

Minato’s Kunai from Naruto Shippuden

Source: Depop

The Kunai knife design featured on the earring represents your style and character. Its size is 1" high x 1/8" thick x 3/8" wide. The hinged hoop earrings accommodate your funky style perfectly.

This accessory is made from high-quality stainless steel to preserve its shine in moisture conditions. However, you'd better put it in a jewelry box. It's a safe material to put on your ears without having any allergies or other health problems.

14. Akatsuki Bucket Hat

Unisex Cute Fisherman's Hat Naruto Akatsuki Print Bucket Hats Summer Sun Cap Black

Source: Amazon

As mentioned above, the Akatsuki cloud is everywhere, from your head to your toe. This bucket hat is a great item to have in summer as it protects your head and your eyes from the sun. It's suitable for many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, weddings, and especially for anime expo gifts.

The breathable polyester twill fabric allows it to be free from shrinkage. Plus, this unisex sun cap is light, and you can fold and bring it anywhere you want. Besides, it fits almost all head sizes from 22,05-22,9 and heads 3,15 inches tall.

15. Naruto Quilt Blanket

Naruto Quilt Blanket

Source: doveprints

Are you looking for some wedding gifts? This made-to-order Naruto blanket - decorative and functional bedding can be an ideal option. Its 100% poly cotton is an eco-friendly material, giving you a soft touch. You can believe in its quality as it's made super durable and resistant to any wrinkle, stain, dust, and mites.

In addition, it's really easy to wash; you can put it in the washing machine for regular cleaning. There're many sizes available. As it's a customized product, feel free to choose any Naruto design you want. Sleeping under a big hug of your idol on the blanket is great.

16. Naruto Portable Battery Charger

Naruto Digital Art by Antonio Lopez

Source: pixels

Two Naruto gifts that can come together are a phone case and a portable battery charger. Giving this combo to your friend can make his day. The charger is a life-saver to the phone and the user as well. Its dimensions are not so big: 1.8" W x 3.8" H x 0.9" D, making it not difficult to fit in your backpack.

It has a 5200mA capacity which means you can recharge your phone 1,5 times and 50% of your tablet's capacity. The supplied cable is included to refill your charger before your next time usage.

17. LED Light

Naruto 3D Night Light 7 Color Changing Led Kids Bedside Sleep Lighting

Source: Alibaba

The attractive Naruto 3D LED light will bring fantasy and romantic moments into your bedroom. The 4mm 2D acrylic piece is turned into 3D illumination, making everything vivid. Plus, this bedside sleep light is very easy to use.

There are seven colors, and you switch between them by touching the switch. The product consumes less power and has a long lifespan. The illumination is soft but bright enough to enjoy the 3D stereoscopic visual patterns.

18. Naruto Green Coin Pouch - Gama-chan

Naruto Anime Frog Wallet Uzumaki NARUTO Coin Purses

Source: Aliexpress

Do you remember that Naruto keeps a small frog-shaped wallet next to him? It's not the main popular character, but he's on a journey with Naruto, and they have a difficult time together.

You can use this green coin pouch - Gama-chan, to store your coin and money. Its size is around 8,5cm x 11 cm, and it's made from polyester and metal. The item is not just an accessory but a useful product.

19. Aburame Shino Character Cosplay Sunglasses

Shino Aburame from Naruto Halloween Glasses Cosplay Accessory Prop

Source: gcosplay

The round lens cosplays you into Aburame Shino, creating a secretive look. Plus, the sunglasses are not only a cosplay item but also a real protector for you in the summer.

Never go out under the sun without glasses. UV can have a bad influence on your eye. These widely used anime sunglasses do well in both aspects (function and frame your style). Remember, people have different face shapes and sizes, so be prepared for the case that you need to give it to somebody else instead of keeping it yourself.

20. Lighter Case Shell

Naruto Lighter Zippo Cases

Source: Aliexpress

Apart from the keychain set, another small object with the Naruto spirit you can give to your loved ones is the Naruto lighter case shell. Its approximate size is 55mm x 35mm x 12mm and can fit the inner liner tank of the same size.

Though the inner wall is not cleaned and polished, the outside appearance is absolutely wonderful. There are many designs placed on the outer of the lighter. Buy more than one piece, so your lighter will have a new popular anime look every day.

21. Decorate Mat

Naruto Anime Movies Area Rugs Living Room Carpet Floor Decor

Source: joom

Giving a highlight to your room with a Naruto decor mat of your favorite character, why not? The product has a wide range of sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of rooms. It is made from rubber and polyester fiber with printed patterns.

The floor mat has three layers (crystal velvet, foam cushion, and skid proof, providing customers with the most comfortable feeling. The velvet surface is soft and high density, and the back is made of anti-slippery super fine rubber. This item can be used as a yoga mat.

22. Earphone Case For Airpods

Anime Character Uzumaki Naruto Red Earphone Case

Source: Walmart

Naruto earphone cases are something  your otaku friend will cherish. Why? The case for AirPods keeps your earphones from dropping, bumping, or shocking. It hugs the earphones neatly so that they will not fall out.

The use of premium silicone is the reason why the item is sturdy. Most of the time, the finger ring strap is included when you order. You can carry your accessories easily.

23. "Eating Noodles" Set

Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Soup Mug

Source: Amazon

The dinnerware set includes one 16-ounce bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks. Besides the Naruto mug, this funny bowl with a picture of Uzumaki is another ideal gift for food lovers who also like the series.

The Ramen bowl is made of high-quality ceramic. However, to preserve its best quality and condition, do not use it in the oven, microwave, or hand washes only. This set, for sure, will satisfy all the fandom.

24. Tote Bag

Naruto Tote Bag Large-Capacity Shoulder Shopping Bag

Source: curtemarcus

A tote bag is a useful object and a multi-purpose product. You can use it for school, for other outdoor activities or to give to somebody as a gift. If you are thinking about mother's day gifts and your mom is a real Naruto fan, consider this option.

The white backs are manufactured with high-quality canvas. They are in three sizes: small, large, and medium, which is a 1-2 inches difference in dimension. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one with a zipper or without a zipper.

25. Playing Card Naruto Theme

Bicycle Naruto Playing Cards

Source: onlinemagicstoregames4u

Enjoy more entertaining moments with Naruto theme cards. Get the deck and have fun with your friends. You can play any card game with it just like with the simple one.

The set is made with many characters in the legendary Leaf Village. K's picture is Naruto, Q’s picture is Sakura and L’s picture is Sasuke. The product receives a lot of positive feedback from buyers.

26. Thermos Bottle

Naruto Shippuden 32 oz Akatsuki Water Bottle By Just Funky

Source: Amazon

The thermos bottle with different figures in Naruto is one of the amazing father's day gifts, reminding him of you whenever taking a sip. There are many beautiful designs that you can choose from. It has all the features such as a vacuum cup cover and isometric whorl rim that assist you in keeping your warm water inside without leaking out.

The stainless portable thermos can keep warm for six to twelve hours. With the size of 23 x 6.5cm and a capacity of 430ml, it's ideal for carrying out. Especially in the winter, it's good to have this bottle to keep any liquid you want.

27. Naruto Shippuden Temporary Tattoo

Anime Naruto Tattoo Stickers Temporary Figure

Source: Aliexpress

Surprise your beloved ones with a fan-favorite temporary tattoo. As a loyal fan, they would like it. Giving your friends these tattoos as Halloween gifts will help them stand out in the party.

There are plenty of sizes and pictures that you can put on your body and remove after a while. It can stay for a free day if you don't touch it.
Just like other temporary tattoos, the applying instruction is simple and easy. With some water, you can easily have a tattoo of your favorite character. When you want, use medical alcohol or tattoo clean wipes to remove it.

28. Plush Dolls

Naruto-Naruto plush doll, Kakashi, Sasuke, Kurama

Source: Aliexpress

A soft Naruto-themed plush doll is a good option for gifts and kids (from a minimum of 12 months old). Its super fluffy sense is an advantage, making everybody keep touching it.

The average product size is from 24-30cm, and weight is from 200-250gr. There are four models: Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Kurama. Collect all four characters to make your plush doll collectible version complete.

29. Naruto Character Snow Globe

Naruto Snow Globe

Source: Facebook

How about the idea of getting your cute character in a snowball as Christmas gifts? It's more than great! The globe is made of plastic, and the inside is filled with water and glitter.

These Naruto snowballs can stay quite long if it doesn't experience any hard drop. The plastic outer part can be scratched, but our small Naruto character is free from the scratches as it stays inside the ball.

30. Keycap Set

CORN 108keys Full-standard NARUTO Limited Version Real Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Source: newegg

Last but not least, a perfect gift for a true Naruto anime fan can be as special as a keycap set. When your friend is a gamer, he understands how important the keyboard is. If you give him a gift that combines both of his favorite things, he will jump with joy.

There are some options to change the appearance of the keyboard. One of the most popular ones is the Boruto keycap. Make sure you know your friend's favorite figure to choose the correct keycap set.


Though more and more Naruto ideas and products are made every year to satisfy fans, it seems like never enough. The list of Naruto gifts may not be finished, but we hope you can choose a suitable gift for your loved ones with our suggestion above.


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